Vendovi Coffee Roasters

Vendovi Coffee Roasters - Small Batch Roasting at its Finest!

The Mission of Vendovi Coffee Roasters is to provide our customers with exceptionally fresh premium coffees.  The flavor profile of roasted coffee can degrade by as much as 50% when consumed two weeks beyond its roast date.  Our beans are roasted to order, in small batches, and the roast date is printed on the label so you can be assured your coffee is fresh and tastes amazing.  We'd encourage you to try to find a roast date on that bag of macro-roasted coffee you picked up at the supermarket - you'll probably find a "Best by" date nearly a year out.

Vendovi Coffee Roasters is a company committed to finding the perfect balance.  The balance of the bean's natural flavor profile paired with the optimal roast level.  We are also committed to the delicate balance between the environment and our corporate footprint.

Our coffees are packaged in PLA (Polylactic Acid) lined bags.  The PLA liner is derived from corn, which is an annually renewable resource. The manufacturing of PLA uses 30-50% less fossil fuel to produce when compared to petroleum based polymers resulting in less carbon dioxide emitted during production. Remove the tin-tie and the bag is 100% compostable.

Other steps we've taken in addressing our environmental impact include selecting a web hosting service that is powered 100% by wind energy and even making local deliveries by bicycle whenever possible.

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